React Native by Facebook and Flutter by Google — two hot cross-platform app development technologies creating a buzz. In this post, we will compare both of them in detail from a developer’s perspective.

Due to the growing popularity of mobile apps, almost every company needs a mobile app or apps to remain competitive in the market. And what is more, companies are looking for an option to build mobile apps, especially for iOS and Android, with faster speed and less resources. Obviously, Apple and Google have provided native tools and technologies to build apps. iOS app developers can build apps…

The Early Web

Back in the mid-2000s, when the web was young and growing, developers moved from static only HTML pages to more robust and dynamic solutions.

This gave us the ability to create pages with dynamic content using tech like PHP (mind you, JavaScript was very young and non-performant at this time).

You could have a single profile.php page and it would take care of Alice, Bob, John, Mehul, and all 15,000 registered people on your website — very convenient.

Then came the JavaScript age. …

JavaScript UI library and framework help the web developers to easily build a clean, easy, consistent, and attractive user interface. Today, over 10,000 JavaScript UI libraries are available for web developers. But the question arises which is the best among them. Many web developers take a lot of time and effort in browsing for the best JavaScript UI library.

The best method to choose the most ideal library is by determining the goals and business needs, looking for ready-made components bases on business requirements, shortlisting the most relevant and comprehensive, creating an inventory of components, identifying functionality and thereafter selecting…

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Get Started

Please watch the video carefully , and if you have any question contact us. You can also read the text documentation.


You don’t need any Web hosting or domain. Things required are :-

  • Android Studio
  • Firebase

Full documentation video

This video will explain the whole documentation.

Android Configuration

To download and install android studio follow this video.

How to make user Admin ?

Go to your firebase console open the app project and then go to Authentication and copy the user UID whom you want to make admin. …

Buy Tweetster — Twitter clone social networking android app in $24 at codecanyon :-

Get Started

Please read the documentation carefully , and if you have any question contact us.You can also watch the video on step by step guide to setup my friend, documentation fully explained.


You don’t need any Web hosting or domain. Things required are :-

  • Android Studio
  • Firebase

Android Configuration

In order to start configuring , you need to install Android studio and the ‘Java SE Development Kit’. First download the android studio from here Android Studio

Importing Android Project

To import the template, simply open Android Studio and import/open the…

Front-end ecosystem is constantly evolving and changing on a day-to-day basis. Some tools become “bestsellers” in terms of web app development, revolutionizing the workflow, while others become a dead end.

Reactjs can be easily labeled as a bestseller. Launched back in 2013, this JavaScript library has quickly won popular affections. Today it is maintained by Facebook, together with the developer community. It is used by the leading companies, like Apple, PayPal, Netflix, while over 32 thousand of websites are built using React JS framework.

The year was 2011 when the developers at Facebook started facing multiple issues with code maintenance, especially with the Facebook Ads app. The social media giant started recruiting more people, but the problem won’t budge. Eventually, Facebook engineer Jordan Walke found out that the user experience needed to be improved, which could be done only with a code overhaul. Thus in a tryst with destiny, React JS was born.

The primary function of React is to make the ‘View’ in the MVC model more modular by building reusable components. Every webpage in React is made out of many reusable components…

ReactJS is a declarative, versatile JavaScript framework for building customizable user interfaces ( UI) with greater simplicity and usability. An application for various states provides some benefits in generating basic views and greater convenience in quickly changing and rendering the related components just as data changes.

React.js is a vital part of the above group and not just a coming and going system. Released in 2013, the list of the most creative innovations continues to grow.

Facebook-developed React is an open-source JavaScript framework that works well for user interface design. Developers use React de to create interchangeable UI modules and…

Choosing the right platform to build your first app is a half of success. Do you know that every 4th user (about 23%) abandons an app after a single use? You don’t want to have such an experience, right?

You can lower risks by clearly defining your aims, audience and resources. But it is also important to know basic differences of Android and iOS platforms.

iOS vs Android development: which one to choose?

By the beginning of 2017, iOS and Android share an unbelievable piece of the mobile market — 96%, leaving all other operating systems far behind. …

A mobile application’s User Interface is a critical part of the system. The app development landscape is swarming with technologies and solutions for creating UIs. Alongside native developments, there is a variety of cross-platform, web, hybrid and even codeless tools for building application interfaces. Android is, by the number of active devices worldwide, the undisputed market leader.

Flutter vs native Android

Ok, so you must’ve heard about Flutter by now — the latest cross-platform app development SDK. According to Google- its proud parent, it’s a complete set of tools and solutions to develop awesome mobile apps. The idea of using…


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